White or Composite Fillings

Improve the appearance, longevity and strength your teeth

Silver or amalgam fillings are still available, but are noticeable when your mouth is open and can make you feel self-conscious. White fillings are tooth-coloured and thus not noticeable and more of your healthy tooth can be saved during treatment. They offer enhanced strength since the material chemically bonds to the tooth surface.

  • White or tooth coloured fillings provide a more natural, mercury-free alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings
  • They allow for a minimally invasive restoration meaning more of your natural tooth can be preserved
  • White filings can be used in the front or the back of the mouth

How long will my white fillings last?

New materials are used to make white fillings as durable and long-lasting as the amalgam version. The length of time white fillings last depends on where they’re placed in your mouth and how your teeth come together when you bite.

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