Help for Nervous Patients

Being ‘afraid of the dentist’ means different things to different people. Some people have specific fears about certain types of treatment or pain, others don’t like the idea of being out of control, some people find the sounds and smells upsetting and others worry about stories they’ve heard from friends and family.

The good news is that our dentists understand their patients’ fears and can do a great deal to make dental check-ups and treatment an acceptable, normal part of life. We know that nervous patients above all want to be listened to and not rushed or presurissed. We take our time and explain all aspects of suggested treatment.

We offer patients both types of sedation: Inhalation Sedation or Intravenous Sedation. Both treatments leave you feeling relaxed, although you are still awake. You are unconcerned by your surroundings and recovery time is quick.

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